35 Confidence Hacks to Change Your Life

Do you want to learn about 35 confidence hacks to change your life? Self-confidence is the core foundation of everything you want to achieve in your life. Lacking confidence is a serious indication that almost every aspect of your life will suffer if you do not do anything to improve.

Your relationship with your friends, colleagues and other important people in your life will remain uncertain. You will be more likely to have frequent conflicts with all the people close to you causing the venom of bitterness spread into other realms of your life.

However, it does not matter how bad your circumstances are, you can always turn things around and bring your life back on the right track. The following are 35 confidence hacks that can help you to improve every important aspect of your life be it your workplace performance or how you carry yourself:

35 Confidence Hacks

Hack #1: When in a romantic or any other relationship, always focus on your positive traits that can help you strengthen your bond with the other person.

Hack #2: Have a concrete vision of your relationship with main focus on adopting a sustainable communication style to resolve conflicts.

Hack #3: Keep your dignity and self-respect intact by clearly defining your personal boundaries as they are very important to boost your confidence and maintain a healthy relationship.

Hack #4: Stop pleasing people as it hurts your self-esteem and makes you prone to feelings of guilt.

Hack #5: Do not just focus on your positive qualities you can offer to an intimate relationship, but also your partner’s.

Hack #6: Act as if you are really confident about your relationship as well as yourself until you actually become.

Hack #7: Communicate your concerns, if you have any, with your partner in a mature and calm way and avoid appearing needy or clingy as it is not healthy for a relationship.

Hack #8: Learn to accept rejection with gratitude and treat it as a stepping stone into the right direction for a healthy relationship with someone else in the future.

Hack #9: Never be overconfident and keep enhancing your communication skills no matter how commanding they are presently.

Hack #10: Apart from sex, sexual confidence is also about feelings and the way you connect to your partner emotionally. Feel good about yourself to boost your sex confidence.

Hack #11: If you lack social confidence, start identifying your anxieties or the real cause of social discomfort as it will help you become more aware of what is holding you back.

Hack #12: Once you have become aware of your anxieties, formulate a social plan where your key focus should be to attack social situations that cause you the most discomfort.

Hack #13: Practice your conversation skills in front of the mirror as much as you can to build social confidence.

Hack #14: If you are trapped in a vicious cycle of negative self-talk, write all of them down and cross-check them to justify how rational they are in reality.

Hack #15: Practice mirroring some other person’s body language and facial expressions.

Hack #16: Communication is a two-way road as it is as much about intently listening as speaking. Learn to become an active listener to enhance your confidence.

Hack #17: The lesser you speak the better. Learn the art of making your talk small but effective. Avoid saying too much and choose a light topic to initiate the conversation.

Hack #18: Identify all your nervous habits you may unconsciously exhibit during a social situation and replace them with positive ones as these habits non-verbally communicate your lack of confidence to others around you.

Hack #19: Be your authentic self as it can make you more open and approachable to others. Learn to speak from your heart even if it exhibits imperfection.

Hack #20: Most of the social fears are associated with people becoming conscious of being watched and noticed by others. However, nobody is concerned about what others are doing as everyone is absorbed with his or her own problems. Hence, most of your fears in most of the social situations are unreal.

Hack #21: Your career vision and goals are as important in boosting your confidence to another level as other key aspects. Hence, if you do not have any objectives in this relation, it is high time that you explore more viable options to move your career ahead for a better life.

Hack #22: If you are unsure of what your boss wants from you considering your job description, you can have a meeting with him and clarify what he expects from you to change your course accordingly.

Hack #23: Identify your weaknesses with the help of your boss and work on them to turn them into opportunities for better future prospects.

Hack #24: Learn to be more innovative and creative to stand out from the rest of your colleagues.

Hack #25: Go out of the way to improve your craft before delivering it. Spend as much time as you can in preparation to improve the quality of your work.

Hack #26: If a meeting has been scheduled, do your homework properly by finding out about the possible to topics that will be covered so that you can participate more actively.

Hack #27: Do not allow failures to stall your growth; instead use them as stepping stones to achieve success.

Hack #28: Identify people who are very successful in the career-field you want to pursue and seek their mentorship to learn to thrive in your craft.

Hack #29: Embrace appropriate attire for the career you wish to pursue and groom yourself accordingly because appearance indeed makes a big difference.

Hack #30: Avoid wasting time trying to fill the gaps, instead, invest your precious time further strengthening your strengths.

Hack #31: Learn to communicate professionally and eliminate any bad habit you may have associated with how you speak. If you mumble during a conversation, try to practice speaking properly facing a mirror. Notice the pitch of your tone and attune it with the way each syllable has to be pronounced.

Hack #32: People often use fillers with sounds like er, um or ah as they partially struggle to recall the next sentence they have to speak during a presentation to maintain coherence but it is a bad approach as it denotes nervousness or lack of confidence. The best approaches, however, is to either stay silent or take a deep breath.

Hack #33: Pay very close attention to the tone, pitch and speed of your voice. It must not be too high as it denotes nervousness. Keep it low to appear calmer and more persuasive.

Hack #34: Carefully weigh your thoughts before they are ready to be delivered through the tip of your tongue.

Hack #35: Avoid weird hand gestures like clicking your pen, fixing your glasses or putting your hands in the side pockets as you speak. The best way to use your hands is to keep them above the elbows and join them like you do when you clap.

Practice and implement the above listed 35 confidence hacks to change your life and become successful.

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