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Important Tools to Help You Become a Mind Reader

Harnessing the Positive Power of Energy to Become a Mind Reader

If you want to become a mind reader, entertain people, and make them happy is all about training yourself to harness the true power of good and positive energy. We all have negative as well as positive energy stored within us and it depends on us as to which aspect we make an effort to summon when talking to someone.

It is like whatever you put your focus on with intensity, it would manifest in your life and become a reality. If you keep thinking negatively, you are going to draw negative energy towards yourself but if you put conscious effort to turn your negative thoughts into positive ones, you are going to experience positive things in life.

We all have an energy field around us and we are capable of harnessing it within us as well as in our surroundings and it can happen through Chi energy. You can practice deep breathing to make your mind more conscious of your surroundings.

Most of the time, our mind is on autopilot and it does not register certain details around us. It tends to skip them because it is conditioned to overlook anything which it has already experienced or has retained in the memory for future reference.

When you come across something new in life, an entirely new experience, for instance, your mind becomes more conscious as it does not recognize such an event to have ever taken place in its memory as it scans the whole brain for validation.  e

However, when such an experience has been repeated over and over with an intense focus on your part, your mind starts recognizing the pattern you are repeating in the process and permanently stores it in the memory.  It again turns into autopilot mode because it no longer needs to be conscious since it can now relate to the pattern for future reference.

Your mind likes shortcuts and for that reason, it tends to skip details that it has already faced. It does not like to scan everything all over because it is a waste of time. Thus, it relies and trusts on past details and skips unnecessary things unless there is a new addition in the pattern being repeated.

When you are performing in front of the audience, you have to be conscious of your surroundings to control the energy around you to make them feel comfortable and relaxed. You have to use your Chi energy to transform any negative energy into positive. Once you radiate positivity in full throttle, your audience will reciprocate by laughing, smiling, and even by using nonverbal gestures to express their happiness.

To harness positive energy, you need to train your mind to become positive. Even if there is a negative experience, you have to learn to turn it into positive energy because when you are performing as a mentalist in front of a large audience, lots of unexpected things can happen as they are a natural part of life.

For instance, someone’s phone starts ringing amid the display of your craft as a mind reader; you cannot yell or humiliate that person. You need to find a way to spin the negative energy into a positive experience for all the members in the auditorium.

Your job is to make people happy and at times, you may have to go out of the way to do that because you will not have a smooth ride every time. To increase your ability to focus, you have to change your mindset. You can always reprogram your mind the way you want even if you are a chronic pessimist.

One of the best strategies to help your mind calm down is through meditation which involves finding a quiet place and sitting on a floor in a lotus position with a straight spine and breathing in a controlled manner.

As you inhale and exhale using your nostrils, focus on each breath and form positive images in your mind. As you do this more often, your mind will grow calmer and more peaceful which will help you harness your positive energy.

Trust Your Intuition to Become a Mind Reader

As a human race, we have been turned into servants of rationality which makes us overlook our intuitive disposition. Whenever a particular situation makes you feel that something is peculiar, you just allow your rational mind to interpret and forgo your intuition.

In some aspects of life, you experience things that make you believe in coincidences. For instance, if you are talking to someone and you can say something which that person was about to speak, you just dismiss it as some sort of coincidence when in reality there is no such thing as that because everything happens for a reason.

That is your intuition which you have to trust if you want to become a mind reader. You have to avoid your mind’s temptation to interpret a situation that represents your intuitive nature and believe in it.

The more you practice with a firm belief and conviction that your intuition is right, the stronger it will become and it is going to help you a lot in different matters of your life. If you are serious about fine-tuning your instinctive ability, you have to avoid operating in autopilot mode and keep questioning and believing that your questions are valid.

There are certain moments when you have a gut feeling telling you about how to handle a particular situation; you have to believe in that sort of feeling. You can use your energy level to determine whether you should act on your gut feeling or not. If a situation represents two different options for you to choose from, you need to go for the choice which is higher in energy.

Avoid second-guessing whenever your intuition is strong about something. Just act on it and do not allow your rational mind to interpret it and confuse you to change your mind. You will eventually discover that your gut feeling was right enabling you to trust your intuition even more.

Your intuition can even save your life. For instance, if you have a flight to catch and for some reason, like getting caught up in heavy traffic on your way to the airport, you suddenly have a hunch to skip it rather than desperately trying to be on time and later on, you hear an anchorperson breaking the news on TV that the aeroplane you missed crashed somewhere in the middle of the ocean. You will be thankfully proud to have trusted your intuition.

Getting Creative with Thinking to Become a Mind Reader

You need to notice that your brain needs frequent stimulation to activate its creative part. You may have experienced several times in your life that whenever you take on something entirely new, like learning to drive a car, you have to be extremely focused initially.

As you practice appropriately coordinating and engaging your reflex actions while driving it will become progressively easier for your brain to conjure all the required movements.

To enhance the creativity of your mind, you have to expose it to different stimulating experiences. The more you force it to move out of the comfort zone, the more creative it will become.

One of the best ways to enhance creativity is to learn a new language as it exposes your brain to new patterns it does not recognize and it has to focus hard to get accustomed to it. You need to make sure that your mind does not operate in autopilot mode for a long time. You have to keep it active by learning new things and making it do certain things differently.

Sometimes, when your mind is on autopilot mode, it also tends to overlook certain things. For instance, it is very easy for many people to forget the keys of their car inside because they have lots of other things already running in their minds and all their present actions are automatic.

To avoid this kind of situation, you can use your left hand more often as it is going to make you more conscious of your actions. It is something new and your brain does not recognize it and at the same time, it will make things easier for you to remember.

Becoming a professional mentalist is not a 9 to 5 job as it requires your mind to be on the toes all the time except when you are sleeping. You have to learn to engage your mind in different ways, using different angles. You have to do a lot of thinking, not passive but creative.

You have to challenge your brain by asking different kinds of puzzling questions to keep it from turning into autopilot mode frequently as it shuts your mind and restricts your ability to ponder. Please read our blog ‘How to Become an Expert Mind Reader’ for more information about mind reading.