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Why does beta-alanine make you tingle

A comprehensive guide about pre-workout itching cause

The tingling situation due to beta-alanine is something that is related to the people who do extreme workouts and our gymnasts.  It is termed as a phenomenon of tingling sensation. And it happens usually after taking beta-alanine before a workout.

 It helps to improve athletic performance. As it helps in the proper muscle growth and recovery of the broken muscles.  In this article we will be discussing the frequently asked question: why does beta-alanine make you tingle?

So if you are new to your workout routines and experiencing this feeling this article is for you.  Keep reading it to know all the facts about beta-alanine and its activity in our body.

Why does beta-alanine make you tingle?

The beta-amino Acid tingling sensation is often described as a sensation of ‘’pins and needles’’ that are poking under our skin.  Definitely hearing this thing is not convenient at all. So the feeling is also very uncomfortable and itchy.

Tingling sensation

Numbness in muscles

Pin and needles poking sensation

Beta-alanine causes pre workout tingle, as it is the main ingredient of many pre-workout supplements. Many people also brief this feeling with another name “paresthesia”.

Now let’s discover what are the phenomena that occur under our skin after taking beta-amino Acid.  However, the exact aetiology of beta-alanine is not confirmed.

 But the main perspective behind this itchy sensation is the activation of sensory neurons under our skin.  Beta-alanine has the potential to activate the sensory neurons. It follows the tingling and itching sensation in the skin.

The intensity of itching sensation

 The intensity of itching or tingling sensation might differ considering many factors.  For example the quantity of beta-amino acid taken by the person or time and frequency of this drug.

 If the person is new to beta-alanine and has just started the intake, then he might be more uncomfortable and the itchy feeling could be more intense. Similarly, if the intensity of your workout is high then the quantity of alanine is also high as compared to the normal dose.

 So typically the itchiness or tingling feeling will be more intense.  Particularly the person feels this sensation in the facial region.

 Now you know the reason why pre-workouts make you itchy? In addition to it we have also discovered, not very assuredly, the possible phenomena of the activity of beta-amino acid in the body of a human as a pre-workout supplement.

Impact of beta-alanine on the performance of the person

 Many people question whether they should be worried about the action of beta-alanine in their body or not? Or is it harmful to the body in any way or not?

 In this section, we will be answering all the queries about the impact of beta-amino acid on the performance of an athlete or gymnast.

 There is happy news for you that beta-alanine does not cause any serious health risks to the person. It is a fact that many people assume the long impacts of many drugs and supplements. And judged them very quickly. 

But there is nothing to worry about the tingling sensation caused by the beta-alanine supplement. Yes, you have heard it right.  The tingling sensation or paresthesia is due to the poor bird blood circulation in the body. Or due to nerve damage in the extremely sensitive body parts.

Is there any health risk from Beta-alanine?

If you experience this feeling due to the intake of beta-alanine then there is no damage caused to your body. However, we can say that it is a side effect of this drug on the muscles of your body.

Let’s make you clear by taking an example. If you are in an extremely cold environment you will slightly feel your hands numb and your fingertips or any exposed body part will start tingling. 

Have you ever thought about why this thing happens to you?  This is because the improper or inadequate blood supply to that body part causes an itchy or tingling sensation.

 Advantages of taking beta-alanine

Now we know why does beta-alanine makes you tingle. And what are the major risks to the body after the intake of beta-alanine?  Now it’s time to get into some of the major advantages that beta-alanine gives to the body of an athlete or gymnast.

 In many kinds of research, it has been assured that beta-alanine gives many benefits to gym-goers and fitness freaks.  Those who perform intense exercises on a regular basis.

 Mainly they do intense workouts and as a result, anaerobic respiration takes place in their muscles.  On the other hand, people who perform predominantly aerobic exercises may enjoy several benefits from beta-alanine.

 Beta-alanine if taken in the right dose is for example 3.2 grams to 4.5 grams, then it is very helpful.  Significantly it helps to activate the neuro-receptors and increase the muscle carnosine contraception.

 There is a misconception about beta-alanine, that it gives instant results to people.  But it is not valid at all because it also requires at least 4 weeks to show the desired results in the body.

 Now we are completely aware of the fact that why does pre workout makes you itchy and the benefits of beta-alanine.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.       How long does beta-alanine last?

People taking beta-alanine feel the itchy or tingling sensation in their skin.  This may last within 90 minutes after the dose intake.  After that, the effect disappeared gradually.

2.       What causes tingling in pre-workout?

 Beta-alanine is the main ingredient in the pre-workout supplements that causes a tingling or itchy sensation in the skin.  It is due to the activation of sensory neural receptors.

3.        How to stop pre-workout itches?

 The best way to minimise the tingling sensation in the body is to divide the total dose of beta-alanine.  Many people who cannot bear this sensation can split the total dose into parts and take them throughout the day.


Finalising our discussion, Beta-alanine is an incredible supplement that enhances the performance of athletes and gym-goers. People use it to increase the carnosine contraception in the muscles.

 So if you want to improve your performance and take major benefits from this supplement then one can use the supplement after proper consultation.