How Healthy Relationships Improve Your Mental Health?

Do you know how healthy relationships improve your mental health and well-being? Most of us have a notion that acquiring material wealth or spending money on appearing young and beautiful can bring lots of happiness. However, we never realize that investing time nurturing happy and healthy relationships with those closest to us can serve as the best source of happiness.

We also fail to realize that even after having acquired a luxurious car and a beautiful house, we are still susceptible to major conflicts with our family. Consequently, an environment of unhappiness and bitterness ensues; inflicting irreparable damage to our deep-rooted familial bond and values. Thus, materialistic glory and a healthy relationship with loved ones are entirely two different things.

It is true that if you live with someone for too long, your relationship can turn stale. But, if you consider having a break from time to time, your relationship with your friend, colleague or spouse will revive to the level it used to be. What you need to realize is that in order to develop a happy bond, you must find an appropriate balance. Not just for you but for everyone involved in a close relationship.

In addition, to lead a happier and more contented life, you must also forgo feelings of remorse for others. Learn to forgive others even if they have hurt you in some way. It may not be an easy thing to do. But for the sake of improving your mental health, happiness, and well-being in the long-run, you must learn to swallow your pride.

Forgiving others even when they have betrayed you is not a sign of weakness. It reveals true character and elevates your stature to another level. However, if you try to hit back, it will only make your position dubious in the eyes of other people around you.

To make things easier to accept, analyze why some people treat you with hatred. Their despicable behavior could either be a sign of insecurity or a reflection of how you have been treating them. Always remember that whenever you disprove someone’s behavior, it could be your own reflection. When we criticize others for behaving in a way we do not like, there is a possibility that we also behave in a similar way. Thus, before assuming that others are at fault, introspect to determine your own flaws. It can help improve your mental health significantly.

The Power of Love to Improve Your Mental Health

Love has the power to improve your mental health, and transform your life. It can slow down how your mind processes events around you. Love is not about liking someone’s physical appearance but accepting people the way they are. It does not have any specific demands and it usually happens when least expected.

Love comes with commitment and responsibility. It is all about your feelings rather than about the person you have fallen in love with. True love also does not have demands and certain conditions. It is unconditional and even if you end up not marrying the person you love, you still feel happy for them.

Initially, it indeed hurts witnessing the person you love so much tying the knot with someone else. However, a time comes when you move on in life and feel grateful for them. You wish your first love of life all the blessings and happiness without holding grudges or feelings of bitterness.

Moreover, we are all ordinary beings as we all have our fair shares of grief and resentment. We are living on a similar path of treachery which denotes that none of us is superior to others in any way. It also includes all those people who are materialistically rich and powerful. As the pendulum swings in a negative direction, everything falls apart like a house of cards. It happens regardless of how influential an individual is.

Don’t Expect Everyone to Like You

All that glitters is not gold. It is the same with those who apparently appear prosperous and successful but if you dig deeper, you will discover otherwise. If you are envious of someone’s materialistic success, you need to look beyond that. Things look different when you observe them from a certain distance. But when you close the gap, they may appear completely different from your self-perceived illusion.

Moreover, whenever you have an opportunity to make a choice, always go for the first one but be assured that you have the means to afford it. Making your first choice may relieve you from feelings of regret. After all, life is all about making choices.

When you feel bored, it means you are losing focus. When you sow a seed of deep concentration, you develop the power to turn even ordinary moments of life into extraordinary ones. Finding happiness is also about enjoying such moments.

In addition, realize the fact that no one is interested in you. Nobody really cares about your appearance. If you think otherwise, just ponder how much time you spend thinking about others. However, even if you do, it is merely for a few minutes. Once you are done, your mind reverts to other important things associated with your life.

Also, stop believing that everyone has to like you. It is a big burden you have been carrying all your life. The sooner you get rid of such narcissistic assumptions, the better your life will turn out to be. Accept the fact that it is impossible for everyone to like the person you are. Just like you do not feel comfortable with every Tom, Dick, and Harry, others too have personal preferences. It is also essential to improve your mental health.

Moreover, when you do something good for others, it is in fact for yourself. For instance, when your partner passes away, you fear feeling lonely. When you make sacrifices for the better future of your children, you are indeed fulfilling your own desire in a subtle way.

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