How to Become an Expert Mind Reader

Do you want to become an expert mind reader? Before you learn how to, let’s help you understand those who are established mind readers. Mentalists are highly intuitive and they have the ability to read the minds of people. They have the skills to predict, make different types of objects bend such as nails and spoons without having to touch them.

Through their highly developed intuitive abilities, mentalists are also capable of guessing the name of your teacher, your child who is yet to come into this world, your zodiac sign, the number you are thinking about at present and even the name of your first love.

They are also highly skillful in transferring positive energy from you to another person. They can also guess the next question you may ask. A mentalist uses all his five senses to activate his sixth sense and combine it with other learned skills to ready your mind, persuade you and even perform telekinesis on you.

These people can read your body language, perform psychological analysis on you and pickup other nonverbal cues to influence your mind. Some skills acquired by the mentalists are learned while others are genetic. They reprogram their minds in the best possible ways to enhance intense focus, and become an expert mind reader.

They harness the power of their mind consciously with a laser-like focus because that is how they make an emotional connection with others and influence them to do things their way and leave those attending their entertainment shows completely astonished.

Use the Power of Your Beautiful Mind to Become a Expert Mind Reader

Your mind is the most powerful organ you have and you can train it to turn it into anything you want. All you need is the laser-like focus to make it do whatever you want to. Becoming a mentalist is also all about cultivating the right skills in your mind like practicing reading the body language of other people.

It also consists of mastering human psychology to learn the basic trigger points of a man’s brain because everyone shares some common traits like the need to laugh and get entertained. It is a fact that most of the people are naturally drawn towards humor.

To become an expert mind reader, you have to harness your guessing game with a lot of practice. You have to believe in yourself and have the determination to learn how a human mind works and cultivate strengths that can help you think outside the box.

Reading a human mind can help you closely scan the thoughts of other people as your conversation would be based on statements that may help you trigger the kind of response you want them to give.

You have to read lots books consisting of key information on psychology of human beings, their behavior and practically apply whatever you learn. Most importantly, you must have the passion to succeed in this field to make a full-blown career out of it.

The Power of the Mind

Your mind is way more powerful than you think it is and you can train it to read the minds of other people. It is not a supernatural power but a learned skill along with an enhanced sixth sense.

All of us are capable of detecting signals from others in our surroundings by using our sense of sight, smell, vision, touch and our ability to hear.  When you put all these senses together, your mind becomes even more focused on the task at hand

Nothing comes to you without sweating or you can simply say that there is no free lunch in this world and everything you ever wish to have always requires efforts on your part. It means you have to practice your craft with an immaculate discipline. Though, you can also rely on luck but always remember that the more you practice, the luckier you will become.

As you learn to discipline your mind to increase its ability to focus, you will be on your way to discover that the mind can also be used to transfer positive energy or what some people refer to as the chi energy. It is a kind of energy which is capable of uniting the mind, body and spirit. You can create and control this form of energy by using your brain.

Great Minds Think Alike

To become an expert mind reader, you must develop the art of persuasion. If you are able to convince other people into believing in you by engaging them tactfully, you have already won their hearts. Being able to convince others is not just all about somehow winning their trust over you; it is also about using the pitch and tone of your voice along with appropriate selection of words.

It is mainly about establishing an emotional connection. When you are able to do that, you can become a master of reading their minds. It also involves the kind of questions you ask and the way you engage them with what you want them to believe.

Persuasion is difficult when you are dealing with a large number of audiences while performing and revealing your mind reading skills because everyone is different. Your initial goal should be to use your enthusiasm and chi energy to engage them in an emotional way.

You can use a joke, ask a question or show them pictures consisting of optical illusions to involve your audience. Contrarily, when you have just one person to persuade at a time, it is easier to connect with him on an emotional level.

You can use mirroring as a way to make him believe that you are just someone like him but you must resist the temptation to do that for the first time as the person you are trying to connect with may soon figure out that you are imitating him which is not going to help you establish an emotional.

You have to take things slowly and once you are emotionally connected with him, you can start mirroring their behavior as it is one of the best techniques to influence and convince people as it lures them to believe that you are one of them, which obviously helps connect with them at a deeper level.

When you have a large number of audiences, their body language and the way they respond to you, either verbally or nonverbally, can help you communicate with them as you can use their physical as well as verbal gestures to replicate their behavior and maintain an emotional connection to influence and persuade them.

When you become good at influencing people, you can make them do what you want them to do. If it is a number you want them to think about and make you guess, you can easily do that.

Apart from analyzing the body language of the people you are trying to convince, reading the movement of their eyes can also provide you with the key information about what they are thinking. As you ask them different questions, just notice how they use their eyes to visualize, hear and feel.

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