Rewiring the Unconscious Mind to Live Your Dream Life

Life is too short to be spent visiting therapists to overcome different kinds of phobias. It is indeed true that we all suffer from one or the other type of phobia but we can learn to get rid of it by changing the way we think. We can use our imagination to create new beliefs and use them to experience the kind of life we have always desired. In this blog, you are going to discover how you can rewire the unconscious mind to live your dream life within a very short span of time.

Learning How Your Brain Functions?

Before you consider making any changes in your life in terms of altering the way you think and behave, the first step you need to take is to get to know how your brain works. There are two main aspects of your brain: the conscious and the unconscious.

All the functions consisting of thinking logically, critically and analytically are derived from your conscious mind. The unconscious part of your brain is responsible for controlling your body’s main functions like heartbeat and breathing. It also helps you store memories, solve problems and think creatively.

To be able to make changes in your life, it is important to understand your unconscious mind because it is massively capable of helping you analyze or perceive things in a different way and most importantly, automate your habits. Most of the problems you face in your life are created by unconscious skills or habits.

These bad skills or habits become ingrained in your mind to such an extent that you do not even realize that they are keeping you from manifesting all the good things in life you have been dreaming of. However, there are some very powerful tools that you can use to change your unconscious habits and as a result; pave way for making the desired changes in your life.

One of the best tools you can use is to understand submodalities which represent the quality of your thoughts in terms of the kind of images, feelings and sounds you experience. As you already know that your mind is capable of thinking any scenario of your life in pictures and videos, you can learn to control the way they may impact how you feel and your life in general by changing the way you have been operating your brain.

To use your brain more effectively, you must realize the fact that most of your self-perceived problems are imaginary and they can only be solved through altering your imagination. All you have to do is to identify how your imagination determines your feelings. Of course, whenever you imagine all the bad stuff revolving around your life, you feel depressed and hopeless.

However, if you recall any pleasant experience from the past, it certainly would have made you feel jubilant. You can now clearly see that it all depends on how you imagine things. You can always use your imagination to restructure your thoughts and build new beliefs.

Your beliefs represent how certain you are about your thoughts, not all but some of them. Most of your thoughts are influenced by the authoritative figures in your life like your teachers and parents. When these people frequently criticize you for being inept, you believe in them which may cause you to doubt your own abilities.

To bring any change into your life, the first thing you need to do is to change your beliefs and lay a solid foundation of new beliefs so that they can allow you to change your future. Once again, use your imagination in a positive way to construct new beliefs.

Getting Over Your Fears, and Negative Thoughts

Apart from strengthening your imagination to rewire your unconscious mind and live your dream life, there are other obstacles that you need to get over. Among all the hindrances, the first one you need to deal with is to get rid of bad suggestions. You need to clear your mind from all the negative things that the people of authority in your life have been telling you.

Fear is another key obstacle which controls and paralyzes your mind to such an extent that you start feeling like a prisoner of your own thoughts. Almost everyone suffers from one or the other kind of fear but what is important for you is to identify your type and get over it using positive imagination repeatedly.

Once you realize that all your fears and negative thoughts are mere characters of your self-created imagination and they get reinforced from repetitive behavior, you can get over them. The key here, however, is that the longer a certain fear stays in your mind, the more reinforcement it gets.

Apart from certain fears in your life, you are also likely to be carrying bad memories from your past, especially from your childhood, in the form of abuse or trauma. You can also consider bad relationships, grief and bad decisions in similar category as these aspects have the potential to trigger frustration and anger in you.

Thus, it is important for you need to find a way to get through all these recurring problems in your life because they are massive hindrances and the longer you allow them to stick in your mind, the longer you will stay miserable and consequently, you will not be able to get the life you want.

Overcoming Bad Habits and Compulsions that Lead to Stagnation

While it is indeed very important to get over your past, but getting through your present is also essential if you want to live a happier life. There are lots of things that represent your present and they could be serving as potential impediments holding you back from being happy and making progress in life such as:

  • Useless habits and compulsions.
  • Going through a difficult recovery phase.
  • Resignation caused by prolonged stagnation.
  • Inevitable big events like birthday parties, weddings, social events as they require appropriate planning and a lot of determination.
  • Nervous moments like academic exams and job interviews.
  • Preparation for Christmas and other family-related obligations.

Once you develop strong determination and resolve to get through these moments in your life, you get your life on the right track to create the future you have been aspiring to. As a matter of fact, you can never avoid or control how the events of life unfold for you, but you can develop an ability to get to the point where you can enjoy the whole journey unabated.

Joining Support Groups to Rewire Your Unconscious Mind

As a human being, you are supposed to play multiple roles in your life. Once you have solved most of your problems, it is time for you to explore other important ventures that may significantly contribute to your overall happiness and well-being. Being happy is very essential as it promotes good health and keeps you in high spirits.

Moreover, there is a possibility that you may not be able to get over all your problems and some of them may persist but getting obsessed with them is certainly not a healthy option. The more worried you stay, the more stressed up you feel and as a result, your motivation gets badly affected.

To stay happy, you need to expand your social network by joining support groups or making new friends. If you are still single, you should start looking for a life partner; someone you can truly love and trust. Learn to be yourself and enjoy being around other people.

Religiously fulfill all your core obligations, whether it is pursuing your academic goals or paying taxes. Find a way to motivate yourself as it is something which helps you keep moving. Exercise regularly to keep yourself physically healthier and fitter. Stay organized by planning things in advance. When you are well-organized, you can make time to do things you love to do. Keep yourself updated with the latest trends and create more opportunities to increase your income. Learn to make big decisions as they also play a significant role to rewire your unconscious mind and live your dream life. Please read our blog ‘how to avoid becoming a prisoner of your mind,’ to learn more.

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